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We have created this component in Joomla to manage property listings from Centris.ca every morning. This component runs every morning at the receptions files Centris. Sorting data is then to update the changes made over the past 24 hours. The component then also important new photos that have been published and backup locally for future access will be blazing fast.

The same component can display the list of properties in a main page with different filters that can be applied to the data. If the user clicks on a property details page will be displayed with the details of this property. There is also a slideshow of pictures of the property scrolling with a fade effect.

Other actions that the component performs, it display brokers of the agency with their photo and coordinates. On this same page, users can click a link that takes directly to the properties of that broker. It is also possible to add a personal page to the broker who describe it in more detail than those found Centris.

The private portal interface allows you to change certain information in each sheet.

This component has been developed in PHP and also uses the framework of Joomla 3.2. Joomla 3.2 is the latest version of CMS which is now one of the most efficient on the Web, both in speed, security and also power development opportunity with its Framework is simply the programming objects.