Thank you for choosing FertiSoft. You now have at your fingertip all the tools you need to manage your patient information electronically.

The Electronic Patient record is intended to remove all the hassle of seeking paper charts in the building and removing the waste of paper as much as possible. FertiSoft was designed to end the hassle of tracking paper records, putting information in an easily and quickly retrievable form.

Complete patient record at finger tip wherever you are including all consults, follow ups, tests, previous cycles etc.

FertiSoft provides automatic creation of a cycle flow sheet with minimal or no manual data entry. FertiSoft also provides easy production of record copy for patient, consultant or referring physicians. No more photocopying many pages one by one.

Printing of test tube labels automatically for ordered tests that specify patient ID and tests required to be done. Brings up automatically for review all patients that had test and will continues to come back on the screen until reviewed.

Integrated scheduling system permits to keep track of appointments for each patient.

Developed for the Microsoft Windows platform, there is high ability to move from screen to screen and navigate in the record is made easy.

The low bandwidth needed to transport the chart permits to use FertiSoft over a slow connection (56k) over the Internet. Teleworkers will be able to work from outside the building. The system allows for secure remote access.

This manual will guide you on how to use FertiSoft. You just need to click on the desired section to get the instructions on how the section works.


If you have questions, please email our support department at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.