The name of the software comes from fertility and software; FertiSoft. It was developed using the objects oriented programming language called CA-Visual Objects.

This objects oriented programming language (OOPS) i one of the most efficient for Windows programming. The speed is superior to other languages that are not compiled in pure machine code, but interpreted. The objects technology permits creation of reusable small modules (objects) inside the program, which will make it easier to update, maintain and personalize for the needs of each customers. Also, the use of external text modules (String tables) permits to the software to be multi-lingual, so in different countries. But it can also be used in countries where there are more then one language, the end users can decide which language they want to work in FertiSoft.

It supports Advantage Database Server from the company Extended System. It is a database server Client/Server very fast and powerful, in the same category as MS-SQL or Oracle, but it is more object and PC oriented and is much faster in smaller environments. Advantage Database Server can also be used for off site accesses (RAS - Remote Access Service modem) or over an Internet connection. This means that a doctor could access a patient record from home or anywhere in the world with a regular phone line or an Internet access and a laptop computer.

System Description

FertiSoft is primarily a database system for patient records. These records contain all the data necessary to the doctor to take the best decisions in the patient treatment. The information is displayed in a tabular format that groups all the record in specific categories, easy to find. For the existing paper documents, there is a repository for scanned documents that will be stored in the patient records that can be visualized from the computer screen. This repository can also store many types of documents, like Microsoft Word documents, that will be kept inside the patient record.

Increased Productivity

Logo de Fertisoft

FertiSoft increases the productivity of the clinical staff responsible for the entry and review of information in the patients’ records. Data is displayed in formats that link medications and dosing with laboratory test results.

Medication orders can be transmitted electronically, reviewed and acknowledged in real time, and patient contacts documented quickly and efficiently. FertiSoft saves time and at the same time improves patient care. A true win-win situation!

Getting the Job Done

FertiSoft makes sure that your job gets done correctly. Internally, FertiSoft always validate data entries with tables and never replaces any essential data, which is cumulative in the database.

Team Work

FertiSoft makes sure that only one staff member at a time is working on a particular chart. Also, FertiSoft can produce reports, tell who did what, where and when. FertiSoft works from Windows 9x, Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Macs using Terminal Services all with the same version. It provides one interface for them all.

Key Features

  • Automatic posting of Laboratory results... Using HL7 standards, with communication with the laboratory.
  • Tabbed Screens for all information in one display
    Link to the patient's results with patient history in no time! Writing of orders with electronic signature.
  • Industry unique "Real Time Orders Transmission"
    FertiSoft features an industry unique "Real Time Orders Transmission" which provides the nursing and biology staff with an interactive working environment. This allows the nurses to process patient orders as soon as the physician releases them, should he/she be on the next terminal or thousand of miles away.
  • Team Work
    FertiSoft supports teamwork via the Cycle Result screen. Patient information is easily and readily available to all members of the care team. Everything is noted and electronically signed for future reference.
  • Visual On-Line Search Engine
    FertiSoft features a visual on-line search to find the patient chart by name, date of birth, ID, Etc.. Fast and precise!
  • Reporting and Statistics
    FertiSoft can generate many types of reports in the support of different functions in the practice. Reports range from the capacity to create a simple patient list to detailed reports about scheduling tests and procedures, or listing test results. The report functions can be tailored to the user needs.
  • Modern Object Programming
    Object oriented language is the most efficient language for Windows programming. The speed is much faster then other non-native languages. The Object technology also permits the creation of small modules (objects) within a program that makes it easier to modify and customize for each customer’s needs. Also the use of DLL string (text) tables also opens the doors to customized labeling in the program and also different user’s language, which makes it exportable. The text strings are stored outside the program in separate modules (DLL). FertiSoft is a 32 bits program.
  • High Speed Database Server
    Support for Advantage Database Server from Extended System is integrated in FertiSoft. This is a Database Server that is a powerful Client/Server back end that is similar to MS-SQL, Oracle or any other SQL, but it is PC oriented and perform much faster then MS-SQL, Oracle or any other SQL on a less then 250 users base system. Over 250, an interface that could use Microsoft SQL Server or other SQL database system would be created.
  • High Security and controlled access
    Advantage Database Server is a high security server with an option for encryption. Mixed with Windows NT4 or 2000 security, the confidentiality of the patient charts is very good. FertiSoft also has an internal security manager with a user by user access limitation. Every user can be limited to see only data pertinent to the work he is performing. Also, some users can view only with no possibility to change the data. The third security level is the electronic signature. Every clinical note or order must be electronically signed. This identify the origin of the order and prevent unauthorized entries in the system.
  • Advantage Database Server
    Advantage Database Server is a scalable, high performance client/server DBMS for networked, standalone, Internet and mobile database applications. The Advantage Database Server supports the NetWare, Windows NT/2000, and Windows 95/98 operating systems.
    • Native SQL on both the remote and local server
    • Fully scalable-write once, deploy anywhere
    • Provides industry-leading filter optimization for Advantage applications
    • Royalty-free distribution for local and shared environments
    • Eliminates cost of ongoing administration-no database administrator required
    • Fast and easy to install using existing network file system and hardware
    • Protects database applications against network failure and user error through a centralized storage management system
  • Remote Access Possibility
    With Internet now part of our lives, FertiSoft innovates by supporting remote access with VPN connections or/and Microsoft Terminal Server via the Internet or a regular direct phone line. With this feature, designated members of a practice can work from home or from anywhere. All you need is an Internet access! Just think of the convenience to the staff and the service to the patients by being able to access patient information in real time. Fast and efficient!
  • Multi-Platform capability
    You may already have a computer system in place. The multi-platform version of FertiSoft comes inside a Windows 2000 server with Terminal server enable, ready to connect on your Ethernet Network. As soon as your server is on the network, we install a Terminal server client on your computers and you are ready to use FertiSoft. The Client software can work on older PCs with 486 CPUs or Apple Macintosh computers, if they are connected to the network.
  • Help on the spot
    FertiSoft, although extremely intuitive, includes online help with an HTML documentation available from this Web site.
  • Internet Possibilities.
    FertiSoft is modular Object Programming. This mean that we can customize many parts of the software. Our plan is to supply in the future modules to run inside a Web browser from an Intranet or Internet. You could also supply direct info to your patients via your own Web site. With the high security inside FertiSoft, it will be safe to publish sensitive data only to wanted destinations.
  • Paper Scanning for data on paper
    Paper documents are not a problem with FertiSoft! You can store scanned documents in Patient's Chart folders according to their type and view them on the screen. Zooming the image to make reading easier. Physicians can also annotate the Physician Notes document. All this secured by the electronic signature.
  • Easy access to patient information
  • Display of test results in relationship to medications expedites clinician review
  • Automated transmission of the majority of test results directly into the patient record
  • Electronic transmission of orders increases staff efficiency
  • Ability to easily document patient encounters by all clinical staff
  • Allows for real time communication between members of the clinical staff
  • Minimizes “handwriting” errors
  • Allows for the storage and display of information that expedites work processes
    ex: pharmacy information
    insurance information
    referring physician listings
    hospital listings
  • “Traffic light” features acts as a tickler file for clinical testing
  • Report writing features
  • Ability to control access to both the system and to particular features
  • Patient's results via the Internet
    Patients can access their results and physician's orders via the Internet using proper ID and password to access the information. This is very convenient for the patient to reach this information 24/7 without having to call a nurse. This may save your staff a lot of time and effort, while giving your patients a really good support and follow-up.

Comment from Users

Triage nurse: "Easy access to patient charts and information when triaging calls."

Administrator: "Information from all departments available in one place."

Physician: "Communication between MDs and nursing staff, andrology staff… becomes easier with cycle notes and communication notes."

Nurse: "Easily accessible patient information. Nursing staff is able to address all patient questions on the spot."

Nurse: "All physician orders are legible due to the electronic signature feature. Deciphering physician notes is easier and less chance for error."

Physician: "Blood results are automatically transmitted from laboratory via the computer. Eliminates the potential for human error."

Nurse: "The best feature of FertiSoft is the ease in communication with patients. All of the pertinent information regarding lab results, doctors’ orders, satellite information and communication with other nurses makes it very efficient."

Nurse: "The recording of nurses’ notes is faster, legible and efficient.