We did develop complete solutions for citizens connection to high speed Internet in rural areas. This was done with High efficiency WiFi transmitters.

We used 802.11a, at a frequency of 5.8Ghz to deliver high speed Internet accesses to access points available to "out of town" citizens. Access points that use frequencies in the 2.4ghz band (802.11b/g). So, repeaters have 2 radios and act as relays to extend the network to large areas of a region. It is also possible to use mesh networks for distribution or using multi-points access points.

By using the appropriate antennas and radios, the coverage can easily be from 1 to 15km, depending of the land topology, trees and position of the main antenna. Different types of configurations are possible, omnidirectional antennas or directional with high gain for more difficult places.

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Neighborhood Internet sharing

One person accepts to share his Internet connection. He install an access point antenna on his house. Each neighbours can install a reception antenna to receive this RF signal. With a well configured installation, it is perfectly secure with a high encryption system and the speed is almost the same as the connection itself. There can be around 10 neighbours sharing the connection without perceptible performance loss.


Once the equipment is installed, the cost of your Internet connection  will be the cost of the unique connection divided by the number of  connected neighbours. By example, if 10 people share a 60$ per moth  connection, the final cost would be 6$ per household per month. This  will make a big saving on your Internet access and the equipment cost  will be paid in a very short term.

How much does the equipment cost?

In average, a reception antenna cost around 250$ per household for a high performance radio that can reach up to 10km. according to the land shape and line of sight with no obstacle. The access point can cost between 250$ and 500$ according to the required power and antenna. Using our 60$ a month example, the equipment will pay for itself in less than 5 months. After that period, your Internet connection will cost you much less and you will save a lot.

We are supplying all the required equipment, already configured and ready to install. With our technical support, you will be able to build your own network very easily.

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