Munipipality Websites Specialists

We have acquired over the years a very good experience websites for municipalities. This is why we can afford to say that we know that a municipality needs to have a quality website, without spending a huge budget. Get an assessment of your needs to our team of specialists will find the solution you need. We can also train your employees responsible for putting content into your site.

This has become a specialty!

Our expertise in municipalities and their needs is a Computer Laval leader in domaine.Nous can integrate modules needed by your municipality to comply with new regulations or to provide a service to your taxpayers. Among these there are modules:

    Access to the list of contracts over $ 25,000 granted by the municipality.
  • Module that allows your citizens to have access to the matrix mapping your municipality (If the MRC provides).
  • Module that provides access via your website to evaluate your municipality roles (if subscribed to this service). eg. Accès City
  • Module status display of fire SOPFEU your country risks.
  • Module display the weather in your area.
  • Module survey of users of your site.
  • We still have developing modules that enable your community to stand by its website.

Among our clients, see the following websites:

Ville de Rivière-RougeMunicipality de La MinerveMunicipality de La Conception

Paperless Municipalities and municipal councils

The use of paper in the municipalities expensive and finding documents is difficult for elected officials.

When the time comes to document to make informed decisions, an elected municipal official must seek in a ton of paper documents that he calls each month.

This is why many municipalities in Quebec have decided to go one step further into the 21st century using the method of paperless city.

But now, most elected officials believe it will be difficult and expensive to make the step towards this new technology. But this is not the case. If we consider that this method will achieve substantial savings on paper and time municipal employees. In addition, research and archiving your documents will be even more effective.

We offer the development of this method for your municipality and comprehensive training of employees and elected officials. You will be able to appreciate this if you let us help give you a demonstration, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..