It is at the end of December 2013 that has published a Centris properties list module in the Facebook page of the agency; Les Immeubles Pro-Action inc.

Facebook Page for Les Immeubles Pro-Action inc.This module displays, in a Facebook page, a list of all properties of the agency. The user must click on "Like " to see these properties, which accentuates the viral effect of advertising on Facebook. Once in the list, if the user clicks on one of properties, a page opens on the website of the agency with details of this property. The user is free to continue his visit to the website of the agency or to return to Facebook to continue what he was doing.

The list is updated in the same way as the agency website by daily synchronization with the Centris system that contains all the properties. If a broker change information on the Centris files, this modification will be seen in all listings of the agency within 24 to 48 hours.

List of real estate Brokers in the Agency

A second module was also installed to view the list of brokers in the agency into another agency Facebook page (tab).

This module displays a list of brokers with details of their methods of communication so that the user can send an email directly or call a broker. In the same details for the broker, a click to a link that leads the list of properties that is on the agency website.

These modules are now available to create your Facebook business pages with a list of your brokers and your properties. Contact us for more details This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.