Jean-Paul Bleau was a lecturer on the language-Visual Objects programming to CA-World.

The conference was organized by Computer Associates in 2000 and was located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Jean-Paul Bleau was a lecturer for the theme of CA-Visual-Objects. You can find links where you can download the technical documents related to the lectures given by Jean-Paul Bleau. You will also see photos of the event with friends from the community-Visual Objects.

Conférence CA-World 2000 en Nouvelle-Orléans - Jean-Paul BleauConférence CA-World 2000 en Nouvelle-Orléans - Dalila Rézig et Jean-Paul Bleau

Other photos

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Subjects of the conferences

You can download the documents used for the conferences, the PDF format is the manual and the other (ZIP) is the PowerPoint presentation.

Programming Windows Applications for Multiple Languages with CA-Visual-Objects

pdfCA-jv165sn.pdf583.88 Kozip-581d9



Moving your application from DBF to a Jasmine Object Database using CA-Visual-Objects

pdfCA-ji085sn.pdf143.07 Kozip-581d9